Infant Dental Care
Dental Care For Infants
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Oral health is extremely important for a child's growth, development and well being. Your baby's first teeth (primary) allow your child to chew properly, are important for speech and attractive appearance, and help guide the permanent teeth into place. Tooth decay can lead to infection, malnutrition, poor weight gain, premature loss of teeth (which can affect the development of healthy permanent teeth), problems with speech development and self image.


Starting a routine of regular daily home care during infancy can help your child maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.


First Dental Visit: Ages 6 Months
Infant dental care begins with the first visit to the dentist at age 6 months and regular visits every 3 months up to the age of 3 years old. Then we recommend regular dental visits every 6 months for children older than 3 years. The first teeth will begin to appear and this is the time for your child's first dental examination. We will recommend a personalized daily home care program to prevent dental problems and promote healthy teeth.


The first teeth usually begin to come in between ages 6 to 12 months. Massaging sore gums gently with clean fingers or a cold, damp terry cloth can help soothe soar gums. Avoid topical medications unless prescribed by your pediatrician or pediatric dentist.


Thumbsucking habits should end by age 5. The longer oral habits like thumbsucking continue, the greater the chance they can affect the shape of jaws and teeth alignment.


Toddlers learning to walk are most at risk of mouth injury. Mouth injuries need to be evaluated and treated early to prevent more serious problems from developing. No matter how young your child is, he/she should be seen by a pediatric dentist if you think there could be a dental problem. For example, a discolored or fractured primary tooth can become infected can then damage the permanent tooth. No child is too young for good dental health.


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